Keywords = Emotional design
Responsible design, product design to help with psychotherapy

Volume 26, Issue 4, February 2022, Pages 111-122


Saeid Aliari; Mahsa Chinikar; Amir Masoud Faridizad

Applied Concepts Of Emotional Design

Volume 4, Issue 50, November 2012, Pages 51-60


Ebrahim Bagheri

Design based on Emotional Approach Case Study: Designing a device for entertainment

Volume 3, Issue 46, December 2011, Pages 67-74

Vahid Choopankareh; Alirez Ajdari; Zeinab Hemmatai

Emotional Design: Study of the color preferences of Iranian users

Volume 1, Issue 38, April 2011, Pages 97-104

Yassaman Khodadadeh; Sadaf Rostamkhani

Translating Users' Emotions to Product Properties (Case study: Ladies Wrist Watch)

Volume 1, Issue 38, April 2011, Pages 117-126

Nata Tolooei; Narges Alanchari